As you complete a Fundraiser in your club, please complete the FUNDRAISER FORM, so that others within the district can benefit from your experience.

Our hope is to build a library of events, where members can share what worked, what didn't work, what events require lots of effort, which require little effort, etc.

Maybe you need a new fresh idea?  Perhaps someone across the district has one or did something that might inspire you.

When you complete the fundraiser form:

  • Login to DACdb
  • Go to the District Tab
  • Click on District Files
  • If you aren't already on the "Public" tab, ensure you are 
  • Click on "Fundraising Library"
  • Click on "Upload File"
  • Either Choose and navigate to where you saved the file, or drag the file from the saved location into the box, to upload it
  • Wait for the progress bar to show completed, click on "Close"

Check back Often for IDEAS!

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