As you complete a Fundraiser in your club, please complete the FUNDRAISER FORM, so that others within the district can benefit from your experience.

Our hope is to build a library of events, where members can share what worked, what didn't work, what events require lots of effort, which require little effort, etc.

Maybe you need a new fresh idea?  Perhaps someone across the district has one or did something that might inspire you.

When you complete the fundraiser form, email to

All ideas will be added to the Fundraising Library.  To access the Fundraising Library:

  • Login to DACdb
  • Go to the District Tab
  • Click on District Files
  • If you aren't already on the "Public" tab, ensure you are 
  • Click on "Fundraising Library"
  • The files will be displayed and available for download

Check back Often for IDEAS!

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