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Global Grant Online Application Process (To be used only after D6910 project approval is complete)



  1. Humanitarian projects
  2. Scholarships
  3. Vocational Training

When developing grant-funded activities, successful grant projects and applications will:

  • Be sustainable with measurable goals and outcomes
  • Meet real community needs. Community needs assessment tools are available
  • Sponsored by two Rotary clubs or districts.
  • Joint partner participation in planning and implementation, including frequent communication and shared responsibility.
  • Demonstrate practice of proper stewardship of Grant Fund.



The minimum award by The World Fund for a global grant is US$15,000. This then results in a minimum total financing of US$30,000. The World Fund award is based on a 100% match of DDF or a 50% match of cash contributions by Rotarians.



Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year. A two-step online application process will be accessible via Member Access on the RI website (



All Global Grants applications for D6910 must begin with submitting a Global Grant Application Template worksheet (see above) to the D6910 Grants Coordinator before submitting the formal online Application to The Rotary Foundation. This process is designed to increase the acceptance rate of grant applications. Email the completed template to the D6910 Global Grants Coordinator Paul Matthews,, for approval and additional guidance.



Once the D6910 Foundation committee has reviewed the proposal and provided approval, the Rotarian leading the Global Grant proposal will submit the full application to Rotary International through the online Global Grants Application tool. (This will require signing on to the Rotary online member portal at See the above download, “Global Grant Online Application Process,” for step-by-step guidance. Depending on project complexity, scope, and funding requested, the Rotary Foundation may request additional details, and projects with budgets of over $100,000 have additional approvals required. The district Grants Coordinators will assist with questions during the application process; email Paul Matthews ( or Reid Conklin ( with questions.



    Once an application has been approved by the Foundation, both sponsors have authorized the agreement, and all associated cash contributions have been received, the Foundation will issue a payment to a separate bank account set up for this Gobal Grant.



Reports showing progress are due to TRF within 12 months of receiving the first Grant payment and every 12 months thereafter. A Final Report is due within 2 months of completing the project.


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